Belmont Garden Club  

                         Belmont, Massachusetts 

New Trees & Treegator Bags

PLEASE WATER ME!  What are these green plastic bags at the base of town trees?  These are Treegator Bags, a slow watering system to help establish new trees planted around town by the Belmont DPW.  There are hundreds of community plantings requiring water including 125 trees and Treegator bags donated by the Belmont Garden Club.  You can help the town by adopting a tree in your neighborhood, checking it’s water supply regularly and helping to fill it.  It’s easy!  The instructions are on the bag: just lift the paper flap, open the slit underneath it, and fill.  

Belmont Garden Club is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. 

Belmont Garden Club 

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Belmont, MA 02478